Beer Battered Swai Fish and a bonus post

Let’s make some crisy beer battered fish.

To Make my beer battered fish

I used Louisiana Brand beer batter seasoned flour mix…

But you can make the same mix with
Some cayenne powder
Granulated Garlic
All purpose flour

I ADDED smoked Paprika, old bay and garlic powder to the store bought batter mix. I also added jerk seasoning.

I had about 8 large whole Swai (Asian catfish) filets.

So I used to packs and added chilled straight out the fridge beer and beat to a pancake batter thickness. It took me 1 and 1/2 cans of beef for 2 packs.

Next I put my batter in the fridge and chilled it for about 30 minutes. Keep it cold till ready to batter your fish.

Always keep the fish cold and pat dry then
Dredge in flour before dipping in batter to make the batter stick better.

Heat the oil to 350 and keep it at 350 .

I used a 17 inch cast iron pan.

These turn out crispy and delicious and the color is to die for.

No matter how crisp your beer battered fish, fries or onion rings are .. they will get soggy if not eaten close to the time of cooking. If cooked properly they can hold up as long as about 2 hours. To keep them crisp I found that keeping them in the oven or a warmer at a temp of 150 degrees will help keep them crisp till eaten

Hushpuppies: (Mixture can also be used for donut dough. To change to donut dough add egg and take out the corn meal. Of course add more sugar to make the donut dough mix.)

My hush puppies

Bread flour (2 cups)
Corn meal mix (1 cup)
Sugar 1/2 cup
2 tablespoons baking soda
1/4 cup oil
Dash of salt
A little water as needed while kneading the dough..

Put in fridge let them cool till you want to cook them

Take it out and make balls like you would a meatball out of the dough

Deep fry in oil at 350 degrees !

Enjoy now you have Fish and Chips with beans the Sauces Best Way!

Chef Char

A couple of bonus dishes featuring my new favorite.. Bucatini Pasta!

First Garden Primavera Bucatini:

Red Olives
Chopped Beefeater tomatoes
Balsamic Vinegar
Pecorino Cheese
Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese
Spinach leaves
Mint leaves
Tomato sauce
Bucatini Pasta

NEXT: Bucatini Pasta with Burger Patties cooked in New Jersey Italian Gravy !

Bucatini Pasta
Diced raw sweet onion
Diced steamed green beans
Fresh grated Parmesan
Italian gravy
Garlic and cheese burger patties
Dried Parsley

The burgers were simmered in the Italian Gravy sauce for about 2-3 hours
The bucatini is cooked then tossed in salt, garlic granulated, and lots of butter and a dash of olive oil

I’m grilling this Sunday!
Happy weekend everyone!

Chef Char of Sauces Best

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