Filling Hand held foods soooo good

Fun Meals in Wraps or Pockets:

These two were dishes I also made this week.

To use the sauce from the Squid Ink Pasta I made last week. I used the remaining veggie and shrimp from the sauce, along with a leftover
batch from an earlier meal of Chicken Curry and warmed them together.

I made and rolled out my puff pastry dough also infused with curry and plantain flour to make the pocket pie shells. The taste is
very similar to a Jamaican beef patty.

My family loved it. I served with rice topped with more of the sauce and a bed of power greens.

The second was a breakfast meal.

To use the leftover rice from the Pocket pie meal.
I got some Egg roll shells out of my refrigerator and filled them with
rice,scrambled cheesy eggs and some power green leaves.

I rolled and sealed my Eggrolls(use egg wash)and deep fried them till golden crisp.

I mixed the remainder of the eggs and rice and warmed in a skillet for my egg fried rice and served it
on two romaine lettuce leaves.

Both were drizzed in a savory sweet sauce.

I hope you like these ideas and use them in your own kitchen.

If you do not know how to cook or would like to experiment more in the kitchen and need instruction thats hands on or virtual, contact me I do
offer Cooking Classes.

Or just hire me to come and cook for you privately in your home or for your next event!

Chef Char of Sauces Best

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