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So I have been delayed again in getting blog postings up. I apologize. I don’t know how long it has been since I updated my Sauces Podcast. Life happens.. I hopefully am finished with doctors appointments in November. As you all know I am also planning a wedding.  To simplify this time and since you all have seen me make some of these meals before I am going to place these in one blog. With lots of pics and videos. If you like any of what you see in this blog posting and have any preparation or have any recipe questions, please feel free to contact me and ask away. Remember I do also offer cooking lessons for a fee.

First up! Pressure cooked garlic and smoked turkey necks severed with 

Pasta and delicious thin T-bone steaks.

The sauce for the pasta is garlicky, buttering greatness.

Some of the seasonings I added to my steak for the extra punch were Cumin and Cayenne Pepper.

Next up…. Chicken thighs 2 ways!

Buffalo and Teriyaki served with homemade Old Bay Potato Wedges and delicious fresh corn on the cob.

You all know I love my pastas even though I am no longer allowed to eat as much of it (doctor said my high cholesterol levels are awful). I took some other chicken thighs and baked them in the oven. I made a delicious cheesy,butter garlic sauce and served it with Garlic bread.  This dish was so rich and so damn good!

On this day I decided to crack out both my grills and have one last day of great grilling before the seasons changed.

It included whole chicken, burgers, Boston Butt (oh my God it turned out devine) BBQ Pork ribs, hotdogs and homemade potato wedges and Tuna macaroni salad.

It was super, yummy!  Don’t keep believing women cannot grill. I have been grilling since my late 20’s and I can grill my ass off lol.


I constantly try to not waste food by storing it and then repurposing it and freshening it up by adding new items to create spectacular meals.

Americans have a very bad habit of wasting food.  I was taught by my Grandmother to never do that. If I cannot repurpose it, My Dog gets to eat it as long as it’s something that is safe for him but I do not waste. Russell ( our dog) is going to have quite a leftover feast today as a matter of fact lol.

On to the food:

Fresh cooked octopus in homemade marinara sauce on top of homemade creamy smashed potatoes with a side of Boston Butt.

The leftover ribs in a take on Indian Curry with tomatoes served on top of a bed of thin spaghetti.

Fresh made cheese topped cast iron biscuit loaf , served with more of the ribs, and sunny side up egg for brunch.

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