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Throughout both College and Football Season I will be doing Tailgate Menu options. MENU in link below!

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Special item added to the Sauces Best Menu:

New Brunch/Breakfast item being added
To the Sauces Best Official menu

The Sauces Best Breakfast Burger

Two medium rare handmade burgers
Fried Eggs pick your consistency
Melted in pan mix of mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese
With or without bacon

Served with side of bacon or fried green tomatoes

And Old bay home fried wedges

Cost 15.00 




welcome to the hub of best cuisines

more things will be added to menu in 

the Future as my imagination runs wild.

Charcuterie boards also available for a romantic evening or to wow your guests as appetizer! Just ask!

Please note Private Chef rates do NOT include price of the food. 

Also special note : Some menu’s may cause pricing per person for catering to  be higher than stated here. For a better understanding so you know I am offering fair market rate click here

I’d say my specialties are definitely unique breakfast and brunch recipes and Italian Pasta Dishes.

While my business hours are Sat and Sunday late afternoon and evening. I am available to cater Brunch for groups up to 25 at any time. Just use the contact form.

Notice to customers: When consuming raw meats, and certain seafoods there are potential risks. These risks mainly affect the elderly, immunocompromised and pregnant women or children. We do our due diligence when preparing, serving and storing these items however we still must inform you. Also please inform the Chef or Servers of any food allergies you may have to ensure a safe dining experience. Notice if we are not informed of allergies we are not liable or responsible for any adverse reaction, so please give disclosure when ordering.


Sauces best signature items

Vegetable Lasagna Pan (ask about pricing)

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna (pricing from $150 and up depending on amount of people)

Deep fried mac and cheese Rose’s ($20 for 3)

Brunch burger with soft fried egg and a sheet of pan fried cheese on top w potato wedges or fried green tomatoes ($15.00)

Creamy spinach and scrambled eggs w filet mignon ($50.00)

Seafood, chicken and steak Alfredo pasta ($75 per plate)

Poached Pear in special sweet sauce cooked in pastry blanket ($20 for two. Decorated with Ice cream and whipped cream )

Fruit cobbler with crispy crust.

(whole cobbler $35.00 per or $15 for 2 pieces)

Spicy Fish and Chicken stew made w sweet potatoes. (Whole pan $50)

Spaghetti with huge cheese stuffed meatballs. ($25.00 per plate or $180 for a pan)

Parmesan Cheese packed meatloaf ($80.00 this isn’t an ordinary meatloaf this is cheese packed with about 4 different Italian cheeses and it is HUGE)



Dorito’s Casserole


Mexican Lasagna

Beans and Rice


Carne Asada


Taco Salad

Mexican Fiesta n Pasta


Foo Young

Pork, Beef, Chicken Yok

Ramen Dishes

Sesame Chicken

Rice and Fried Rice

Hibachi Chicken

Asian Dumplings

Spicy Asian Noodles







Lobster (when available)

Octopus (when available)

Carne Asada

Lamb Chops


Neck bones


Duck (when available)







Corned beef 

Pork Chops (stuffed or unstuffed)

Salmon (stuffed or unstuffed)



Sweet corn w cheese


Red beans and rice

Black beans and rice

Cucumber and tomato salad



Fried Cabbage

Potatoes and Onions

Potatoes and Parmesan

Collard Greens

Yams w marshmallows

White, sweet potatoes

Candied stewed tomatoes

Ranch and chive mashed potatoes


Crab dip

Artichoke dip


Baked 5 cheese Mac and cheese

Potato Salad

Feta Macaroni Salad

Blue Cheese Macoroni salad

(tuna salads are with or without tuna in them ask)

Spaghetti Salad

Butter Beans

String Beans

Baked Beans

Fried Squash





Avocado Toast 

Brioche Toast

Waffles and Berries

Poached Eggs


Loaded Scrambled Eggs

Cheese Scrambled Eggs

Grits (Fish and Shrimp Extra)

Breakfast Burritos

Fried Potatoes

Assorted Fruits


French Toast

Fresh Veggies and Dip

Pineapple Boats

Steak and Cream Sauce over Brioche Toast

Steak and Egg Croissants 

Crab and Egg Bagels

Salmon Cream Cheese and Bagels w Capers
Crab Filled Pancakes
Sausage Roll Italian Style
Eggs Benedict
Italian Eggs Benedict
Sweet Potato Pancakes with Poached Eggs
Eggs in Purgatory
Sweet Potato Biscuits Topped in Fruit compote


Italian cold cuts

Cheeseburger Subs

CheeseSteak Subs

Shrimp Cheesesteaks

Fried Fish Subs

Roast Beef Subs

Meatloaf subs

Patty melts

Tuna Melt

Gourmet Grilled cheese ( served w soup ask ahead) 



*all served w fries*

Dinner / Lunch

Alfredo Lasagna

Red Lasagna

Eggplant Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan

Fettuccine Alfredo

Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

Mushroom, Garlic and green onion Fettuccine

Spinach Alfredo

Seafood Alfredo

Roast beef with Veggies and potatoes

Chicken and Dumplings

Shepherd’s Pie

Peas and dumplings

Burgers and fries

Oxtails, Cabbage, red beans and rice

Goat, cabbage, red beans and rice

Baked Ziti and salad

Beefaroni and salad

Stuffed shells and red sauce and bread

Alfredo stuffed shells and bread

Homemade Pot pies

Homemade curry stew and rice

Spaghetti w meat sauce, salad, bread

Fried potato and ground beef balls

Cajun pasta


Chilli w cornbread

Corned Beef Hash and rice

Philly Cheesesteak lasagna

Crab Imperial, served w salad and bread


Please always ask about custom orders, custom menu items and my homemade LARGE Pizzas!!!


Platter Sales

Saturdays: 5pm-9pm 

Regular Meat Platters


Seafood Platters


Special Platters


Sauces Special Garbage Plates

$10 - $12
Sauces Special Garbage Plates
Sauces Special Curry Garbage Plates ($12)

20% Discount on group orders

*Platters include (large portions)*

1 meat

Up to 3 sides

Salad and bread

Extra meat $5 per piece

Extra side $3


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