Behold… Stuffed Turkey Legs

Todays featurerd stars are:
Stuffed Turkey Legs
Fruit Compote

Thai rice noodles

The descriptions this week are shorter as I am prepping for my Juneteeth activities with my family and my Juneteenth cooking that I will actually be doing on the 20th since I have a festival to attend with my daughter on actual Juneteenth.

Enjoy and Happy Juneteeth and Happy Pride Month!

Stuffed Turkey Legs

Bottom layer of tray (candied roasted peppers and tomatoes)

Turkey smothered in rich smoked turkey gravy

Turkey leg stuffed w rich cheesy Mac and cheese

Then Buttermilk Ranch, dill sweet potato salad

Side of blueberry,peach cinnamon vanilla fruit compote. Full of brown sugar

Turkey gravy:
Browning liquid
Onion bouillon
Worcestershire sauce
Smoked turkey legs cooked in liquid for
2 hours or more till meat falls off bone into the pot
Add more flour and water mix if needed to get to desired thickness

**Want fall off the bone tender turkey wings??

Wrap each piece in foil seasoned w olive oil and liquid smoke

Cook on 360 first 2 hours

Then 250 for 3 hours wrapped individually in foil

And then unwrap and leave on 250 for 45 more min to crisp up skin. Can do for just 30 min also

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The Stove top Mac and Cheese for Stuffing the Turkey wings:

Like most of us of Black culture ..
I normally won’t touch stove top mac and cheese.

But some dishes call for it when it is a stuffing layer.

Also this recipe is great if for some reason you want quick and delicious mac and cheese.

You’ll need

Rigatoni pasta (it holds the cheeze sauce the best)

1 to 2 jars of cheez whiz sauce
3 small bags or 2 large bags of shredded cheeses. I used Taco Blend and sharp cheddar blend and nacho blend in this version.

1 cup of heavy cream
2 tablespoons smoked paprika
2 tablespoons sugar

The Sweet Potato Ranch Salad for topping the stuffed turkey legs.

Cook the sweet potatoes till they are Al dente(done but still slightly firm)

Let them cool in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Dice into medium to small cubes.

Mix with buttermilk ranch dressing.

Add salt and dill.

Fold gently to not break the potatoes.

Next up another Quick but delicious meal.

I made a delicious Asian inspired sweet and sour sauce peanut butter,, Thai fish sauce and sugar based sauce for my boneless chicken thighs.

Served w Thai rice noodles flavored w garlic, fresh ginger, ketchup,seasame oil, Worcestershire, red wine vinegar.

Mixed with raw white onion, green onion, AND raw green and purple shredded cabbage.

Topped w fried runny soft egg.

Made enough to last 2 days since I have so much cooking to do Saturday I’m not cooking hard this week.


**On the second day of serving these I elevated the leftover Turkey gravy and added to the noodle dish.

It turned out so good!

To elevate the gravy for the noodles do the following:

Add to the leftover gravy pot, 1 cup of water, ginger powder,balsamic, and 4 tablespoons of sugar.

Top with lots of cut on the bias green onion.

Ill hopefully have my Juneteenth journey blogged for your viewing pleasure and knowledge by Mid next week.


Chef Char Sauce

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