Bucatini Pasta with Pork Belly

Its time for some good comfort food.

First before I get to the down side of things,happy news I AM ENGAGED to the love of my life
for the last 13 years. I am happy about that but I have still been struggling with other things.
I have recently received some news that has affected me pretty deeply. I will however keep praying on it
and keep just trying to move forward in this thing called life.

Last Sunday’s dinner was Bucatini. For those who do not know what it is, it is super thing
spaghetti type pasta. I like it a lot now what I have tried it but let me tell you IT IS WAY

I cooked on Sunday while not really in the right mental state or emotional state to cook, but I powered
through it also as a way to keep my mind on something else.

It turned out quite tasty but today (June 29 2021) I think I am going to do some tweaks to the

The meats in this dish are Pork Belly, slow cooked then pan seared.

(I am going to cook them in the cast iron today for like 8 min more to really crisp it.
Or I may cut it up into little cubes to further mix into the sauce. It tasted delicious!
It was my first time eating Pork Belly and my flavor build was awesome. I just want a different texture to it.)

The second meat Argentinian Red Shrimp. I love all types of shrimp but to my palette(taste buds) I find it to be
a nice taste substitute for Maryland Blue Crab chunks.

The sauce was created with love and contains:
About 35 tomatoes(both Roma and Beefeater)
Fresh Basil leaves
Garlic cloves
olive oil
Granulated Garlic
Red Wine Vinegar
(cooked together for 3-4 hours)
Within those 3-4 hours, near the end of it but your LARGE chopped Brocolli florets in and cook them for about 20 min in the sauce.
Use a Spider spoon or tongs to remove and sit aside.
Then added greek yogurt and the shrimp at the end. Stir,cover and cook till the shrimp is done.
Remove from heat.

While I have a pasta press that I can actually make Bucatini myself with. I chose to use some Bucatini that I ordered from Piccolos Italiana Grocery store
on line. They are where I order alot of my Artisan Italian cooking needs. Cook in a pasta pot with a built in strainer. Cook till al dente(just at the edge
of having a little bite to it and being soft but not too soft.)

As a side Dish I took leftover Leg of lamb meat. Mixed it in an separate pot with
some of my fresh made sauce.

To prepare the meat for the sauce I pulled it off the bone and finely minced it with my Food processor.

It had already been flavored and prepared from being cooked for Juneteenth.( See my previous post for seasonings used)

Allow it to simmer in the sauce.

I used 2 small to medium green cabbages, boiled.

When they are both ready,lay out your leaves and fill with 2 spoons of filling and roll and close w toothpics.

Add some more of the sauce on top each one and bake at 350 degrees for about 30 min.

My Pork belly was marinated overnight using Balsamic,Smoked Paprika,Salt,Freeze dried Garlic,Pepper, Olive Oil.

When ready to place in over prior to being seared. I added a clove or garlic to each peice and bay leaf. Drizzle with Olive oil.
Cover with foil and cook at 250 degrees for 2 hours.

Remove and place on a already piping hot Cast iron Griddle iron on stove top.

Sear till crispy and caramelized.

For plating I first placed some of the sauce with shrimp in the bottom of the bowl.Then added some of the Bucatini Pasta
Then more sauce. I then topped with 2 cut pieces of Pork Belly. Gave that a smaller drizzle of sauce.

To the side I placed to of my lamb filled cabbage rolls and a large broccoli floret.

Garnish with parsley and fresh grated Parmesan.

(Today I will probably re sear the Pork Belly and recook the pasta in the remaining sauce)

Buon Appetito!

Chef Char Sauce of Sauces Best Catering

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