Indian Tikka Marsala Wings w Basmati Rice

Ive been having some “issues” lately mood wise. I am sure a lot of it is due to
menopause symptoms. I have been trying to power through it without taking hormones etc.
Some days are better than others.

I actually tend to be okay and fine when I am outside of my home or when I travel. Those
things along with cooking bring me joy.

First up on the blog today The Indian Tikka Marsala Style wings with Indian rice served
with Plaintain Flour Flatbread and Oblong Potato Medallions in a Burma Style sauce.

Some things you will need ingredient wise:

Guaram Marsala Seasoning
Cardamom both as seeds and dried and granulated
Plain Thick yogurt ( you can substitute sour cream)
Tomatoes cooked down to a sauce
A blender or food processor

I also used (for the rice)
sauteed peppers and topped w fresh mint.

And of course you will need chicken wings
Basmati rice(extra long white rice)

To make the sauce:
First you want to use cherry tomatoes or you can use canned tomatoes or a high end jarred tomato sauce(so it will taste fresh and still have
some real pieces of tomato in it)

Place into a skillet, I use cast iron but be careful using cast iron as it can be damaged by the acid found in the tomato.

Add in about 2 tablespoons each of the tumeric,cumin,cardamom,guaram marsala, and butter ( you can substitute olive oil for the butter)

Then add in 1 tablespoon(or you can do to taste) the following: Cinnamon,salt, pepper

Let all that simmer covered for about 30-40 min.

Then add your Plain yogurt and use your immersion hand blender to smooth your sauce out.

Let that simmer for another 15-20 min.

Then you can remove it from heat.

Next you will want to have been marinating in lots of matching flavors and seasonings the chicken and for this seasoning I also
like to add some smoked paprika.

Pan sear(fry) the chicken wings in a light oil, use minced garlic in the oil to give it extra flavor. These are NON BREADED wings.

Once they are done drain the oil from them and mix in with your sauce. DRENCH THEM.

That is the real star of this blog.

For the rice. I cook this style rice same way you prepare a risotto only with just water and butter vs. flavored stock.
I add water a little at a time while stirring till the rice is a nice al dente texture.
Then remove it from heat.
Add a little olive oil and mix.
Make sure it is salted also. Nothing worse than bland rice.

I used some smoked seasoning in it also which is why its a beautiful yellow. But just a tad or you’ll end up with red rice.

For the Burma Style sauce for the potatoes.

and some oil to create an emulsion.

Whip it with your wisk till it blends over low heat.

I may of missed some of the ingredients here. Its been a few days since I made it BUT watch the video for more information.

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