My Colossal Memorial Day Feast 2021


(Something they do not teach) Did you know Memorial Day was originally started by the Black American Slaves? To
commemorate and make right the wrong of the Black Union soldiers who were buried as prisoners instead of soldiers?
So whenever you think we shouldn’t celebrate Memorial Day remember that.

As far as July 4th! Skip it! Celebrate JUNETEETH instead!

Oh and its the beginning of #pride month! Celebrate everyone and all kinds of love!

Ok on to the feast…

First a list of what I prepared:
Bone in Carp
Salmon Filets
Cole Slaw
From Scratch Baked Beans
2 clusters of Crab legs
Mango BBQ sauce made by me ( with several store bought ingredients)
Mango sauced Pork ribs.
Spatcock Chicken
Boneless chicken thighs
Red hot link sausages
Angus Hot dogs
3 pound each 2 inch thick Cowboy Steaks( same as tomahawk w bone cut shorter)
Pork and beef mix burgers
Lemon Poundcake w fresh citrus fruits and strawberry glaze (cake from SCRATCH)
Mediterrean style Pasta Salad
Corn on the cob in the husks

For Breakfast
We had smoked salmon/immitation crab spread
Mixed with Mayo and smoked Paprika
On top of a thick sliced toasted crostini
Melted Mozzarella
Topped with a Soft fried egg.
Plate garnished with smoked Paprika and parsley.

To make the BBQ sauce for the pork:
Daileys Mango mixer
A bottle of South Carolina BBQ sauce
Some scriacha
karo Dark syrup
Garlic powder

BBQ sauce for everything else
Dales Everything seasoning (its a liquid)
Liquid Smoke
garlic powder
minced garlic
karo dark syrup
south carolina BBQ sauce
Smoked Paprika

OLD BAY is the seasoning,along with salt and pepper on all the seafood.
The Salmon and Carp are also dressed in the BBQ sauce.

Ingredients for the Meditteranean style Pasta salad:

Kalkuta OLives (sliced)
Some of the brine from the olives
1 bottle of Garlic Basil flavored vinigrette
1 bottle of Honey Balsamic vinigrette
Balsamic Vinegar
diced onion (2)
chopped celery and celery leaves
diced ripe tomatoes
once whole bunch of cilantro chopped
2 boxes worth of cooked Rigatoni Pasta
3 containers of Feta cheese
1 large container of shredded Parmesan

Using tongs and a large mixing spoon make sure you throughly mix up all the ingredients!!!!

Buns were pretzel and brioche!

Enjoy the video to see ALL the deets!!!

It is a long video BUT you need to watch it if you want to know how I did all of it.

We had a mishap with the first bunch of burgers. New grill and underestimated the level of heat.

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I am available to travel to cook for your summer events. Hire me, you will not regret it!

Enjoy Summer!

Chef Char Sauce

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