My Summer Cooking Journal

I am so backlogged on Blogging I had to consolidate some of these. Sorry, hopefully next time I won’t allow myself to get so behind. Life was happening and for mental health I needed a break.

Soft Pretzels

Homemade from scratch soft pretzels….

Move over Aunt Annie’s.

Mine also have some garlic infused in the dough.

Salted w pink Himalayan salt.

On top of a bed of Sazon mushroom rice

Topped with creamy cheese and chicken sauce!!!

Garnished w fresh Cilantro

Steak with Zucchini Noodles and Potatoes

Bone in Ribeye steak

In a Teriyaki glaze w Chimchuri sauce.

With smashed potatoes w salt, ranch, butter and smoked paprika

With fresh made zucchini noodles


Tomato Pie and Smoked Turkey and Chicken over Rice

 I made 2 dinners…

Chicken and smoked turkey neck stew over basmati rice

And Tomato pie..

You make it like a regular pie only its ricotta, tomato mozzarella

I added zucchini and mushrooms to mine.

Like any pie it’ll be even better tomorrow once it sets longer..

But my family tasted it and LOVED it!

Short Ribs and Risotto

Jerk and red wine slow cooked short ribs served with creamy risotto cooked in the short rib stock.


*The short ribs were seasoned with:



Sazon complete

Olive oil




Onion Largely Chopped

Red Wine

I used the stock from the slow cooked, braised short ribs to make and flavor my Risotto

Cook the ribs on stove top first to braise them and then finish them up in the oven on low cover for 3 hours.

Spanish Style chicken and rice soup

Hey so I had some of the leftover boiled chicken stew w the smoked turkey necks. It was already thickened with a flour and water roux mixture, ( Use a whisk to make sure no lumps of course)  To  make that first I had a whole young chicken and one pack of smoked turkey necks. It was cooked with lots of herbs and seasonings ( use whichever ones you prefer) and it was slow cooked with onions and garlic also in there with salt and pepper for about 2-3 hours till the stock and meat are perfect. You add the flour and water mixture right at the ends, whisking it in while the pot is boiling, then turn it off and let it sit.

Next you make your rice , I use basmati rice , I put oil and minced garlic in the pan first and then 2 cups of rice… fry the raw rice for just like 4 min then add 2 and a half cups water, and mushrooms, tomatoes, sazon seasoning and sazon complete seasoning and salt with chopped green onions and one can of kidney beans. Let it all simmer together till the rice is soft enough. That’s  really all there was to it. Also Tajin seasoning 


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