Bella’s Italian Pizzeria Washington Rd

I normally post my own food items.  I had to share this today though. Late last night I was hungry so I ordered in. I wanted Firehouse or Jersey Mike’s but they were both closed.

If you know me personally you know I love great pastas and a good Hoagie.

Last night I just really wanted a hoagie.

So I decided to go with what was open.  Here is my honest Yelp Review.

I wanted to post a Google review but they don’t have a Google business profile. So I decided since my own food site has SEO I’d post here and hope that Google users stumble upon it.

Here are my exact thoughts:

Do not eat here.
This was a horrible horrible quality of food.
I got an Italian Cold Cut food. First as a Chef myself let me say this, if you cannot even make a good sandwich..
then how in the world do people trust you to make anything else?

First I ordered and paid extra for a 12 inch sub. As soon as the delivery person showed up , I knew it was not twelve inches.
I measured it, it was only 10 inches as I figured.

So far I was open to giving it a chance, I opened it and it was poor, non fresh quality sub bread, too dense and thick.
The meat was Oscar Meyer lunch meat at best. This is NOT Deli level meat and they put white american cheese also poor quality on a sandwich that should have Provolone.

The contents of the meat were so scant and scarce that it was insane.

It was gross and it was not at all as marketed.

I would not trust these people to make me anything beyond a sandwich.
I am originally from the North East and I know and prepare quality food. This was not even close.
Huge disappointment. Do yourself a favor and stick to Firehouse or Jersey Mikes because this was horrendous.

Very disappointed in Bellas’ Italian Pizzeria

Signed the Owner of Sauces Best Catering
Chef Charlene Sauce Strayhon

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