Enchilada Chicken and Ricotta Meatball Skillet

Two of my most recent dishes!!! Life is super busy, but I have to show you guys some of the things I have created lately.

I am still available to cook and serve fully loaded, flavorful meals! I do travel, so do not be afraid to reach out to me.
I mainly travel Maryland and Florida currently. I am considering a ghost kitchen but likely not for another year.
But make no mistake I am here to SERVE!

Enchilda Smothered Chicken:

Here are some of the ingredients that went into
this dish!

Sweet Peppers
Green tomatoes (diced)
Crushed Tomatoes
Meat Seasoning
Olive Oil
A bit of vinegar & mustard (to marinate the chicken before cooking)
Cheese, ( cheddar and Mexican Blend)
Enchilda Sauce ( Green)
And Homemade smother gravy
8 Leg Quarters

Serve with pressure cooked red beans and rice!


RICOTTA Meatball Bowtie Skillet

Ricotta and breadcrumbs, egg and ground beef ( to make the meatballs)
Bowtie Pasta
1 bag of my homecooked Ragu sauce ( also made and slow cooked with ground beef)
Italian Seasoning
Olive Oil
Spinach Mix
Garlic Salt

Cover on top of stove and let the cheeses melt!


I catered a Christmas Brunch for my Mother In Law.
Here are some photos of what I served. I forgot to take my own pics so these
were taken by one of her guests!


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