Sea Bass and Pork Chops

Sea Bass and Pork Chops

I made this wonderful meal a few days ago.

This is another one of my takes on Surf and Turf. If you follow my blog you
know I have done it a few ways.

Well this time I did it with Sea Bass and thick cut Pork Chops.

First things first I used a seasoning blend that I make here at home using a chopper.

Its black whole peppercorn
Pink Himalayian Salt
Smoked Paprika
Granulated Adobo
And some dried Thyme and Rosemary

I put all these things (store bought) into my mini chopper to great one all powdered
blend. It is delicious.

To make the Seabass you’ll need butter and garlic in your pan.
Seer for about 3 min on one side can be 4 minutes if the filet is thick
and 2 sides on the other.

You want to have butter in the pan and keep basting the fish to ensure its cooked properly.

Next is the Veggie Mixture to top the rice along with the fish.

Its poached tomatoes,kidney beans,celery,okra and green onion all sweated down then simmered.
This mixture is delicious and also contains a little Old Bay as well as the afore mentioned
seasoning blend.

I used Basmati rice. It is a very light and delicious rice. It is my favorite rice texture.
I have other videos that further explain how to prepare it.

Please browse my videos and entries at to find more articles and videos.

Lastly the Pork Chops

I marinated these in some of my seasoning along with some white vinegar.

And then seered them in Cast Iron Pan before placing them in the oven on 250 degrees for
20 min to finish them off.

They turned out perfect and tender.

Lastly a delicious Sauce:

Some butter, some tomato puree, a very small amount of yogurt, some balsamic and a schriacha .
Wisk together over heat with a wisk and then simmer on low till ready to use. Remix before drizzling
over the plate to ensure it is emulsified correctly.

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