Welcome Me back! Adobo Chicken 1st up!

I have not blogged in what seems to be over a year. I Was busy wedding planning and working my other job so my love of food service had to take a back seat.

I did however post quite a bit on facebook profile


as well as my Instagram @saucesbest so that you all did get to see some of my dishes from this year.

I am going to start of this new remergence with My Adobo Chicken and then I have a Pasta that got a lot of popularity back in April or May that I hope to journal next week sometime.

The ingredients:

Goya criollao marinade
Goya Sazon Totalle
Badia Sazon Tropical
Tajin ( One of my favorite seasonings besides Old Bay)
Old bay
Goya Sofrito
Goya Recatio
Fresh cut tomatos, the vine also just for flavors but do not serve the vine.
medium cut potatoes
Braised Chicken breasts.
Oil infused with garlic, green scallion, some African herbs, Bay leaves and dried Thyme.
Jasmine Rice and Young sweet peas
chicken bouillion

So here are my steps:
First marianade your chicken a little white vinagar, mojo, salt, sazon, and sazon tropical. seal back and shake and massage to make sure it gets in every crevice of the chicken.

The infused oil in your braising pan should be hot and ready to go. Place your chicken thighs in one and a dine skin side down. Once it crisps, flip it.
Continue this process till all is ready.

Next you want to move them to a preheating deeper sauce pan with butter and capers going and place the thighs in evenly. We are about to being the full braise now on low heat.

We are also now browning the cubes of pototoes in the other pan with the remaining flowers from the chicken.

One potatoes are ready, use your kichen spider strainer and add the pototoes to the chicken in the other pan. You will now also add the Goya Recaito and Sofrito and the fresh chopped tomatos.

Sprinkle in a few more shakes of seasonings to taste.

Cover and stir occasionally.

One that is about 45 min to an hour out from being finished you will want to being your rice. I just a little sazon , sazon tropical, salt, butter and almond milk and some chicken broth for perfect rice each time.

Cook your rice till its al dente.

Lastly the peas, add just a little salt and then add all the liquids from draining your peas.Let the flavors all marinate in the pan for about 30-40 min .

Then just like that dinner is done and you are ready to plate some of the best Adobo Chicken you have ever taste. My family LOVED, LOVED IT.

I cannot wait to make this recipe for my customers as well.

Char Sauce


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