Seafood Pasta made with Squid Ink Pasta

Squid Ink Pasta and Seafood

I have been wanting to try making Squid ink Pasta for a while now. However, I thought
it best to finally taste some and see how I liked it and what paired well with it first.
So I ordered some already made fresh and dried from an Italian grocery store in New Jersey.
Next time I will be making it from scratch so be on the lookout for that when I do.

Sidenote: You can order Squid Ink from Amazon or any of the online Italian Grocery Markets.
Atlanta also has some actual small Italian Grocery Stores in town that I want to go shopping at soon.

Ingredients used in this meal:

Rosemary (Dried)
Morton Salt
Italia Lemon Juice
Minced Garlic
Black Peppercorns
Smoked Paprika
Granulated Garlic
Olive oil
Fish Monger spice
Fish Spice
Dried Basil
Dried Cilantro
Dried oregano
Seafood Seasoning
American Marsala cooking wine
Garlic vinaigrette
Brine from Greek olives
Brine from the shucked oysters

Bread Crumbs(to sprinkle over dish)

Salmon cut into equal portions
shucked oysters
Green Onion
Vine tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Brussel Sprouts

For Aromatics:
Fennel sprigs
The vine from the tomatoes

3 sticks of butter

1 small carton of heavy cream

Just a few of the steps I took. Watch the video and follow my youtube Channel to see and learn more!

I began of course by chopping up all my vegetables and sectioning my large whole salmon filet into equal sections.

Next I got a large skillet nice and hot and added Olive oil,rosemary, minced garlic and a little smoked paprika and a squeeze of lemon juice.
Take the halves of the brussel sprouts and lay them face down till nicely roasted. Then add the rings of green pepper and sweat it all down together.

Once it is finished take and add to a larger saucepot.

Add the green onion, parsnips, fennel, salt, peppercorns,celery. Next add one cup each of the Garlic vinaigrette and the Marsala wine. Add 2 cups heavy cream, followed by 3 sticks of butter. Let come to a boil then reduce to a simmer. Let cook for about 1 hour.

Next for the second hour add all the tomatoes, the olive brine and the juice from the shucked oysters. Cover and cook down for another hour.

While that is cooking: Season and bake in the oven your Salmon filets.
Once they are done, have a cast iron pan super hot w olive oil and take each filet skin down to get the skin super crisp. Only do for 2 min.
This is a flash fry as we call it.

In another pan use oil, garlic and thyme and smoked paprika and cook the shucked oysters to the desired texture and color.

In another pot you should be boiling your mussels. Cook till they open. This means they are done. I was unable to use fresh ones yesterday.
So using store frozen ones cook till open. I like to cook them in lemon juice, seafood seasoning, lots of butter and garlic.
Once they are done add them to your sauce ( WHICH you have now turned to only low). The last step is your unshelled shrimp. Precook them also
in a separate steam pot. I steam till pink so this takes about 5 min tops. Nothing worse than over cooked tough shrimp.

Add the shrimp to the pot and mix all your ingredients together.

You can also add some baby spinach last minute just to wilt it in the sauce. I had some but forgot to put it in lol.

As all these ingredients are coming together, get your Squid ink pasta in the boiling water in your pasta pot.
If making and using fresh pasta the cook time is about 3-4 min. If using dried pasta cook time is 5-7 min.

You want them Al Dente not soggy.


Get a lovely pasta bowl.

Place your squid ink pasta in with tongs or a Chefs Fork and twist to give it a little height.
Next get a large ladle and ladle on your seafood heaven sauce. This is truly a taste of the sea.
Next place your Salmon on top, SKIN SIDE UP.
The Smokey flavored Oysters go to the side(3 per plate)
Then garnish either with sprigs of fresh basil, fresh parsley or dried parsley.
I used dried parsley.

For more texture sprinkle Bread Crumbs over your dish.

Chef Char Sauce of Sauces Best Catering


Here are a few photos of my Diagonally cut for plating Spinach Florentine w cheese Omelets
Served with Toast and Mortadella.


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