Welcome me back! Italian Gravy and More…

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for your patience. I know, I know it has been a long time since I blogged. I even let two of my sites come down just not on purpose but just being
so busy with life, work and wedding planning. I hope to have the other two sites relaunced in the next couple of months. The two sites that are down are saucesbestcatering.com
and chefsaucesmiami.com. Hopefully my partner(Fiance) and I will have time to get those back up soon.

Both our work worlds have changed considerably. He took on a job as a Web Master for a local business here in Atlanta and I outside of our web business that we own took on the
job of working for Infocision for a bit (which was simply horrible) and am now much more happily employed as a work from home employee for Williams Sonoma and their tent of brands.

Due to the amount of hours I am on the clock I do not have as much time for cooking as I once did, but weddings and bills, and 16 yr old students don’t pay for themselves. The prices of
food itself meant I needed another financial cushion.

But enough about all of that.

Below you will find some of my more recent cooking.

BUT the star of the show for this post is my sausage and chicken Italian Gravy.
Now this is MY take on my version of Italian gravy and I am by no means an authentic Italian Nona but this is simply delicious.
I sometimes make it on top of my stove in my huge steel sauce/soup pot and let it slow cook all day OR as I did this time I use my super sized
Pressure Cooker.

The ingredients:

About 10-15 riped Roma tomatoes
about 20 beefeater Tomatoes
3 fresh Garlic cloves
1 small jar of minced garlic
Fresh Basil(or the dried out kind if you cant get your hands on fresh)
Fresh oregano(or the dried out kind if you cant get your hands on fresh)
Fresh Italian Parsley( or the dried our kind if you cant get your hands on fresh)
3 Tablespoons of sugar
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
A few flakes of dried chile pepper
Finely minced onion
Onion powder
Garlic Powder
Chicken (I use dark meat, its more tender and has better flavor)
About 3 packs of Italian sausage ( cut it up into pieces)


Have your all purpose flour whisked into about 1/2 cup of water. I like to get my water ready first and this whisk in the flour to its desired consistency.
Once its smooth take the lid ( after the pressure subsides) off the pressure cooker and slowly stir in the flour and water mix, this will thicken it to a gravy consistency.

Make sure its evenly mixed and then close the pot and run for one last cycle of 20 min.

And just like that DELICIOUS Italian gravy.

Here are some other items I cooked, listed as follows:

Pasta with Angus short ribs slow cooked in Brushetta and Garlic with Italian herb infused oils , with my creamy,infused with Pesto ,sweet peppers and mushrooms, Topped with Shrimp and finely chopped Pistachios.

Creamy Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf that was served with Pasta

Tex Mex Superbowl Buffet

Steak with Mushroom Sauce made by me, served with rice.

Braised Jerk and Sesame Infused Chicken with Rice

Braised Chicked in Buffalo Sauce

Old Bay, garlic and vinegary with Onion and Spinach on Rice PIGS FEET

Open faced , double decker breakfast sandwhich

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